Bio-Mechanical Composites Inc.

Fabricating at a higher level

Who We Are

Bio-Mechanical Composites, Inc. (BMC) is the leader of state of the art “custom composite” fabrication processes in the O&P industry. While there are a number of companies that make various designs of orthoses with carbon fiber; BMC has over 20 years of experience that has developed a superior orthotic system. Different designs of orthosis have different functions they can produce.

The real success to the patient comes from making any particular design with the correct amount of resistance that matches the patient's deficits. This comes from years of experience with extremely specific fabrication techniques. Even the best design, with the right resistances, will be unsuccessful if it is uncomfortable. BMC’s years of experience have produced the best fit in the industry.

The patient is comfortable as the assistive resistance matches the patient and the proven design matches the functional deficit of the patient; only when these three are achieved does the patient achieve the best outcomes.

The Fabrication Process

In an assembly line system of fabrication, BMC is able to maintain the highest standards in composite fabrication. All while producing Orthoses and Prostheses that produce consistent functional outcomes for the patient. With over 20 years of experience, the comfort and fit of the patient is the best in the country. The system includes input communication and education with practitioners. This is based on developing protocols that increase the functional outcomes for the patient served. With tens of thousands of custom designs produced, we have maintained less than 10% re-manufacturing rate over the last 20 years.

Energy Storing

Carbon fiber composites can produce a long flat structure that stores energy. This means that as the structure is bent a few degrees, it pushes back. Bending it a few more degrees and the push back increases rapidly. Bio-Mechanical Composites has developed Orthosis and Prosthesis designs that utilize this to replace the function of the calf muscle. This functions in three areas. It produces propulsion in walking, standing balance and Queuing/Stabilization of the knee during walking. In higher levels it can also be ramped up for more extreme activities, such as running and jumping.

Functional Outcomes

It is very difficult to see calf strength weakness/absence while watching someone walk. To the patient, the return of this function is tremendous.

Standing Balance

The ability to stand and balance without holding on to something.

The push-off or plantar flexion motion of the foot, during mid to late stance phase of walking.
Knee Stabilization

The posteriorly directed force at the knee that maintains a slightly flexed (2 degree) position, that allows the knee to support the weight of the body.