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The Orthosis is a unique new, patent pending  design that is custom made to the patients cast model.. It consists of two uprights that spiral across the ankle with attachment to the foot plate. The foot plate extends to the proximal aspect of the  metatarsal heads and has a flexible heel extension. The uprights have a unique “Oblique” orientation to the ankle. This orientation combined with Pre-Preg Carbon fiber provides a small amount of motion with a variable, increasing resistance. It is provided with a EVA foam lining, a figure-8 ankle strap and a circumferential calf strap.

This design immobilizes the ankle while allowing for a few degrees of motion to be able to walk. The oblique orientation of the uprights creates energy return through stance phase(200-400 nm). The uprights can be fabricated to extend proximal on the leg to increase the energy storing characteristics. The footplate can also be extended to the full length of the foot, with variable resistance.

The Malleo-Loc commonly extends about six inches above the ankle but requires a cast that includes the fibula head and extends distal to the metatarsal heads. The cast is required to be in a neutral alignment, accommodating heel height and rotation or toe-out.