Posterior Spring

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This orthosis is a posterior Leaf Spring design that extends proximal to the tibial tuberosity. This creates a long lever arm that acts directly to the anterior aspect of the knee. Due to this extended length, it can deliver the maximum energy storing force that is comfortable to the patient. (450-550 nm)

This is functional for replacing a missing calf group. To the extent of allowing a patient benefit in walking with near normal biomechanics and minor high-level activities like jogging and riding a bike.

This also is beneficial in providing maximum queuing of the knee, in control of Hyperextension or crouch gait management.

The long Posterior Leaf Spring design provides rotational control, as the flat leaf spring creates a torsion component that guides the patient in the forward direction of the knee. This is assistive in the management of a mild to moderate Valgus or Varus tendency.