Partial Foot Prosthesis

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Our energy storing partial foot design is the only true energy storing design on the market. It provides a measured resistance that matches the resistance force needed to replace the calf group function. This Prosthesis entails a Tibial tubercle height, PTB type proximal socket with an anterior closure. Distal is a total contact EVA foam interface. The prosthetic toe has a rigid rocker base under the metatarsal. The rigid design of the toe allows the talo-crual joint to maintain its Range of motion, to store energy into the posterior spring. The PTB cuff height returns the energy directly to the knee.

This Prosthesis is perfect for the Chopart and Liz Franc level amputee. An additional design variation is available for a Transmetatarsal level amputee. The Transmetatarsal design is able to be maintained in the shoe during the donning process.

This design requires a cast that includes the knee for alignment. The practitioner should set the residual limb into a subtalar neutral alignment and insure up to ten degrees of continued dorsiflexion is available. Special attention should be made to ensure the residual limb is in seven degrees of toe out in relation to the forward line of progression of the knee.