PTB Stirrup

Simple designs with dramatic outcomes.

Designed for life.

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This orthosis is a posterior Leaf Spring design that extends proximal to MTP. This creates the longest possible lever arm that acts directly to the anterior aspect of the knee. Due to this extended length, it can deliver the maximum energy storing force. Utilizing a full PTB type, custom molded fit that is comfortable for the patient even during higher activities. (550-700 nm). The anterior section of the PTB cuff has a flex zone, creating an anterior swing band. Making it easy to Donn.

The ankle/foot section has a low-profile Stirrup design. This includes a flexion heel flare that reduces the knee flexion moment at heel strike. The foot plate extends distal to a graduated toe spring that has a variable resistance. This combination offers a comfortable walking function while allowing maximum performance in higher level activities, Running, Jumping… etc.

This is functional for replacing a missing calf group. It is also beneficial in providing maximum queuing of the knee, in control of Hyperextension or crouch gait management.

The Posterior Leaf Spring design provides rotational control, as the flat leaf spring creates a torsion component that guides the patient in the forward direction of the knee. The  stirrup design offers increased support in the management of a mild to moderate Valgus or Varus tendency.